The majority of IDEs implement a concept of plug-in that nicely supports the integration of tools within the IDEs. Plug-ins dramatically simplify the structural integration of multiple tools, but provide little support to the design of the dynamic of the integration, which must be entirely coded by programmers from plug-ins’ API.

Manually integrating plug-ins is costly, complex and requires a deep understanding of the underlying environment. The implementation of tools as plug-ins and the integration of the results produced by different plug-ins are still difficult, expensive and error-prone activities.

In our vision, IDE users must be able to execute plug-ins and integrate their results by designing workflows that can be persisted, executed and re-used in other workflows. MASH is an Eclipse plug-in that enables users to compose the features provided by different plug-ins at runtime, by drawing a workflow in the Eclipse workspace. Plug-in developers can effectively use MASH to give users the freedom to compose the features of their plug-ins in multiple ways.

MASH reuses and extends JOpera, a workflow engine built as an Eclipse plug-in.

If you want more information about MASH contact us on the following e-mail address:

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