BCT is an Eclipse plug-in. You can install BCT by following the standard procedure for installing plug-ins into Eclipse, i.e. by using the Eclipse update site.

You will find the BCT plug-in in the LTA update site:

To install BCT start Eclipse, then go to Help/Install new software... and add the Eclipse Update site.

Select then the LTA update site and select the following plug-ins:

  • DynamicProgramAnalysis - it.unimib.disco.lta.eclipse.bct.feature
  • Editors - it.unimib.disco.lta.eclipse.fsa.feature
  • Editors - it.unimib.disco.lta.eclipse.anomalyGraph.feature

BCT depends on the following plug-ins (they are automatically installed by Eclipse if missing):

  • EMF
  • GEF
  • GMF