Giovanni Denaro's Curriculum Vitae

Giovanni Denaro is Researcher in Software Engineering at the University of Milano-Bicocca, where he teaches the course of Security, Reliability and Testing. Giovanni Denaro received his Laurea degree in Computer Engineering and his PhD in Computer and Automatic Engineering at Politecnico di Milano
Over time, he developed research at Politecnico di Milano, CEFRIEL, University of Milano-Bicocca and University College London, contributing to several national and international research projects, including: LAW (ESPRIT 22117), PROMOTE (ESSI 27907), SegraVis (EU Network), SHADOWS (EU STREP), Pincette (EU STREP), QUACK (Italian MIUR), COMMUTA (Italian MIUR).
He served in the program committee of many international conferences, including in particular ICSE, ISSTA, ASE and SOQUA, and co-chaired the Program Committees of SOQUA 2007 and HICSS 2007 (track on Automated Software Testing). He is authors of more than 50 scientific papers.